Labels and stickers for the Subaru 360

cabin, body and engine bay
Over time, the decals on your 360 have no doubt faded, scuffed, peeled, scratched, and worst of all, gotten painted over.
I and other members of the Subaru 360 Driver's Club have undertaken the task of reproducing these stickers,
for the sedan, van and truck.  Here is each sticker, and a photo of where it should be placed on your 360...

Subaru 360 sedan labels:

Break-in speed restriction:
There are several labels like this, warning about the need to "go slow" when your car is new.  This one is for the sedan

Here is where it goes:

The Fuel Strainer:

Here is a clear sticker that descibes how to use the stock fuel strainer.

Here is where it goes, above the engine bay, a few inches to the right of the air intake...

Subaru 360 Truck and Van Labels:

Break-in speed restriction:
The truck and van have their own version of the sticker above, with different speeds, reflecting the different gear ratios in the gearbox.

It goes on the far left side of the dash, as seen below:

Truck and Van Tire pressure label:

Different pressure rating than the sedan, though the same tires...
For it's location, see the picture above.