Subaru 360 Links

Here are links to other sites and pages that discuss the Subaru 360. 
No secret on how this list was compiled - I scoured google and picked the sites I liked!

The Subaru 360 Drivers Club website.  Please read about the club here first, then take a look!

Here's a guy who is rebuilding his 360 part by part - and explaining how it's done every step of the way.
Here is the story of the Subaru 360 in Australia.
Hemmings "Sports and Exotics" magazine featured the 360 in it's February 2006 issue, which provides a detailed history and insight into the car.
Subaru's own "Drive Magazine" describes the example of the 360 they are storing in "the attic"
Another "Drive Magazine" article about Subaru's history, featuring the 360
An article about the 360 from 2005 in London's "The Independent"
You can read a nice history of the 360 on wikipedia.
Some photos and info posted by a Driver's Club member.
A geocities site from an owner in Colorado.
A New York Times article that discusses the new-found collectability of Japanese cars, notably the Subaru 360.
Toyota included the 360 in their museum.
LittleCarTrader sells just a couple of repro Subaru 360 parts
Bruce Weiner's Microcar museum has three 360s, including this one.
This 360 sedan owner has put up a page with some REALLY big photos.
Here is a page of photos of the 360 that can be found in the "Gran Turismo" video game.
An overview of Kei-cars, including of course the Subaru 360.
A 360 owner (and club member?) very thoroughly documented his restoration here.
An Australian page with a nice slideshow of Subaru 360 images.
Irma the Subaru 360 pickup - now owned by Driver's Club member Paul in NJ.
This site calls this image a "blueprint".  I'll leave that up to you.
A 360 was featured on a recent "Antiques Roadshow" tour.
Here is a page full of NICE, REALLY BIG Subaru 360 images - great for detail reference.
Here's a detailed (but slightly out of date) account of Malcolm Bricklin's career - including of course his relationship to the Subaru 360.
Here is a car dealer in Japan that can sell you a nice (RHD?) Subaru 360, and other classic Japanese vehicles.
According to a comment left on this page, these tires fit the Subaru 360.

A photo-filled page from Germany.  Some you've already seen, but there are tons of unique images.

Don't miss my page of Subaru 360 videos found on youtube!

 Japanese sites
The sites below are translated from Japanese by an automated translation site.  Those guys are really big fans of the 360! 
The computer-generated translations are generally pretty bad; however one can get the drift.

The Subaru 360 Owners Club in Japan.  Following the links on this page will bring you to a wide assortment of Japanese 360 sites. 
Korinns Garage maintenance page- a Japanese site found via the club site above.  Tons of detailed info and photos on various projects!
Here is an untranslated auction page for Subaru 360 items in Japanese.  Good luck!
A Subaru Museum site page
Team 356 - guys having fun with thier favorite Kei-cars.
Another major 360 site from Japan.

If there are any sites or pages that you believe ought to be on this list, please email me a link!

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