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Welcome to my Subaru 360 site!  I hope these pages serve to further the hobby of
keeping these cars on the road - there are very few of them left as it is!

The Subaru 360 was Subaru's first car, built between 1958 and 1970, and imported to the USA from 1968-1970 .
It has a 2-stroke, 2 cylinder, 25hp, 360cc, air cooled, rear mounted engine, suicide doors, and many other features that (in my opinion) make it a very cool and unique car.

Are you trying to fix or restore a Subaru 360 on your own?  Read this.

Here is a collection of shop manuals, parts catalogs, and other documents, that should help you as you restore and enjoy your 360.

April 27, 2012: I am lucky enough to become the owner of a really nice Sedan

Here is a  photo gallery of my 360s, and other folks' 360 sedans, vans and pickups.

Here is a library of Subaru 360 sedan, van and truck stickers, and where they go.
         Efforts to reproduce stickers (or decals, or labels) for the Subaru 360 are underway!
My Subaru 360 links page.  If you know of a site that ought to be on this list, please email me.
Here is a collection of youtube's Subaru 360 offerings
Take a look at Subaru 360s that have been up for auction in Japan in the past - and right now.
The Subaru 360 has been on TV and the movies.  See a list here.
Hemmings Motor News wrote about the 360 in 2006.  Read the article here.
I am keeping a journal of my restoration efforts.  The goal: get the car to run, drive and stop.

Subaru 360 items for sale:
Need a NEW windshield for your sedan, truck or van?  Your search is over.

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