It's Alive!

Truth to tell, the engine pretty much always was alive, even though the car had not run in probably 6 years or so.  The trouble was that everything around it was out of whack (bad timing, bad points, bad condensor, bad plugs, bad coil, incorrect or bad wiring, bad seals - the list goes on).  Anyway, after a fellow club-member took note that the left-hand cylinder head stayed cold even after a lot of cranking and a few sputtering attempts at running, it dawned on me that some time ago I had pulled (what I later learned was) the oil seal off the crankshaft (it lives behind the fan) and never re-installed it.  It was pretty much shot though - the rubber edge was gone. 

I ordered a new seal (from McGuire Bearing in Seattle, tel: 800-562-7206) a "TCM Dichtomatic 25x45x10TC", (an "8TC" will work also) put it in place, and the engine fired right up!! 

Here is the new seal (rubber coating on the perimeter for a tight seal):

Here is the old one (rubber coating gone):

Page 6 of the sedan parts catalog shows the seal as item # 36:

Here is an oil seal in place (not my new one)

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