Playing with the points

Due to a non-starting motor, the first place I was advised to look was the points.  The proper gap is .21mm, or .05 inch.

Here is my distributor, a "nippon denso".  The red line shows where one's screwdriver tip goes, to adjust the points gap. 
I found the bar that gets adjusted to be a bit wiggly - it moves from side to side as well as in and out.   Maybe I need new points...

        Here is the points gap before the adjustment (too big)...                                                        ...and after. (0.21mm)

If you replace the condensor at the same time you are dealing with the points, you may find that your condensor is the same functionally (0.25uf),
but the bracket that bolts to the side of the condensor is different.  Below are pictures of my condensors, old and new, from the side of
my Nippon-Denso distributor.  As you can see, on the old one, the bracket integrates a hanger for the one of the condorsor's tie-down clips. 
The new one does not.   If this is the case, one suggestion (from a club member)  is to hack off the bracket from the old one,
and piggyback it onto the new condensor (use a longer bolt)

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