Need help or advice in restoring your
Subaru 360 Sedan, Van or Pickup?

Have you undertaken the restoration of a Subaru 360 sedan, van or pickup?  Or are you just trying to get the darn thing to go (or stop)?  Do you think that it's "all up to you" and your pile of manuals to get the job done?  You would be very wrong!  Your car may be ancient, but fortunately YOU live in the 21st century.   There is a large group of very enthusiastic 360 owners out there that you can pose any question to - anytime, day or night.  You can be sure to get knowledgeable advice from one or more people no matter what your 360-related issue.

Where are all these people hiding, you may ask?  There is one real 360 group out there, that is both online and "offline", that you can turn to.  How much does it cost?  As of this writing, $8 a year!  The "Subaru 360 Driver's Club" has existed for over 30 years with the singleminded intention of helping Subaru 360 owners keep their cars on the road.  It publishes a paper or digital newsletter, filled with tips and ideas submitted by the membership, on a regular basis.

The club makes available to it's members the "Book of Reprints", which is essentially 30 years of it's newsletters reproduced in two big binders, or as seachable .pdf files that you can download for free, or get on a CD.  Among other things, there over four hundred pages of technical notes in the "BOR", covering every aspect of the 360. 

The club also maintains a website, complete with forums where any member can discuss any 360 related issue.  Check out their site - especially the discussion forums.  You will have limited access to the forums until you join the club.  Here is a peek at the main forum index.  Believe me, this is THE place to be to learn about your 360.  The accumulated wisdom of the members of the club cannot be found anywhere else.

OK THEN, now you know that you don't have to do this on your own.  I guarantee that joining the Subaru 360 Driver's Club will transform your restoration experience.  Fill out this application and send it in today, either online or the US Mail!

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